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The Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cimisurgical is dedicated exclusively to the reconstruction of soft tissue abnormalities in infants and children. Our board-certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons work as a team with many of the top pediatricians in New Jersey to treat congenital, developmental, and traumatic abnormalities. This division was created to provide a new level of care for children requiring plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Meet the Director

“I created the Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cimisurgical to achieve the highest level of care possible for our patients. A separate division allows for complete focus on our pediatric plastic surgery care”

Frank Ciminello, MD, FACS

Founder & Director

What is Pediatric Plastic Surgery?

Pediatric plastic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery that is focused on children. Pediatric plastic surgeons perform procedures to restore function, improve appearance, and improve the lives of their patients. To learn more about pediatric surgery and what you should look for in a skilled pediatric surgeon, visit our About page.

How to Choose the Best Pediatric Plastic Surgeon?

Pediatric plastic surgeons are specialists in improving the appearance and function of congenital, developmental, and traumatic abnormalities while accounting for a child’s future growth and development. Because of the extensive training and experience required to provide such treatment, there are relatively few practicing pediatric plastic surgeons. Make sure to be diligent in your research when choosing a surgeon for your child. To learn more about what to look for in a pediatric plastic surgeon, visit our FAQ page.

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